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Communities thrive only when all their children are thriving. That’s why our mission is to ensure children are successfully reading before 3rd Grade across Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties.

Strategies for Support:

  • Provide Support to students struggling in reading

  • Support professional development for teachers and volunteers focused on reading instruction and social-emotional learning

  • Empower families to help their children read and learn

The Waccamaw Region for Childhood Success is our tri-county response to early childhood needs in Georgetown, Horry, and Williamsburg Counties. This initiative focuses on kindergarten readiness and early grade reading, Birth – 3rd Grade, and promotes working collaboratively between schools and communities, that are committed to the success of every child.

Black River United Way and the United Way of Horry County are leading the charge through leveraging resources, promoting a common agenda, and having shared measurements. Black River United Way focuses on Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties. United Way of Horry County focuses on Horry County.

Waccamaw Region for Childhood Success

Common Agenda:

  • Mission: Ready - Kindergarten Readiness

  • Mission: Read - 3rd Grade Reading Success

  • Misson: Resilient - Future Intiatives

Signature Education Programs

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