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In 2014, our name was changed to “Black River United Way” to break down walls and be more inclusive of the entire population we serve an effort to engage and unite people and resources across sectors to drive lasting improvement in the well-being of children, families and the communities that surround them.


Black River United Way is leading Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties to sustainability by empowering the lives of its community members.  We empower our communities by working collaboratively to improve early childhood success and ensuring our community members are prepared for disasters.


We ensure that our work complements those organizations that support and share in BRUW’s purpose in making our community stronger.



We will build and maintain trust by creating processes and procedures that ensure transparency, accountability, and integrity as we fulfill our goal of producing the greatest community impact.


We are committed to working with and for the citizens of Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties.



We will provide equitable access and awareness for our community to the programs that support BRUW’s purpose by removing barriers and leveraging resources.


Black River United Way began its organization in 1968 as the United Fund, through the efforts of many volunteers and concerned citizens. It received its Charter as a philanthropic organization in April 1970 and became the Georgetown County United Fund, Incorporated.


Under the leadership of founding board president, Nathan Kaminski, funds were raised in the fall of 1970 for distribution among nine member agencies for the calendar year 1971. Since the first campaign, your local United Way has continued its growth and development. In 1980, an application was made for a new Charter and became the Georgetown County United Way, Inc.


In 2014, the name “Georgetown County United Way” was changed to “Black River United Way” to break down walls and be more inclusive of the entire population we serve, Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties.

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