Growing Great Readers AmeriCorps

How does Growing Great Readers AmeriCorps benefit the community?

The Growing Great Readers AmeriCorps program is a high quality, comprehenisve, research-based English literacy tutoring program that supports students, families, and the community. Growing Great Readers' mission is to provide low-income schools with AmeriCorps tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level reading before 3rd Grade. Why is 3rd Grade literacy so important? Click here.

The Growing Great Readers program will impact 180 Kindergarten - 2nd Grade students who need additional support in reading across 5 schools. The program will include:

(1) one-on-one and small group tutoring in reading using an evidence-based curriculum
(2) two parent workshops to provide reading support strategies for the home
(3) recruitment of additional volunteers from the community to ensure sustainability

What is the impact of the work of Growing Great Readers Members?

153 children were served during the 2016-2017 school year by AmeriCorps Members. 144 strugglign readers increased their reading levels. 81 improved to on or above grade level. SUCCESS!!!

How does Growing Great Readers benefit the volunteers?

All AmeriCorps members working with the Growing Great Readers program will serve as positive role models for their students and will develop organizational, leadership, and teamwork skills as they serve our communities. They will also be given an education award and a living allowance. Volunteers can choose from three different service year commitment levels:

(1) 900 hours over 10 months
(2) 450 hours over 10 months
(3) 300 hours over 10 months

Is it fun? Is it worthwhile? Will it change your life? (See picture below...) Now... How do you apply?

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