Frequently Asked Questions

Glad You Asked!

Why should I give to the Black River United Way?
Black River United Way is the most effective way to direct charitable donations to caring and well-run community programs. Your gift will be carefully invested in programs that have been scrutinized by community volunteers for their efficiency and effectiveness in addressing the highest priority needs of our community.

What does Black River United Way do besides raise and allocate funds?
We also focus on raising and consolidating resources including time, talent and capital. United Way prioritizes needs in the community and builds collaborative efforts among non-profits, businesses, counties, city partners to work to reduce duplication of services and ensure partner agencies achieve measurable outcomes.

How is Black River United Way making an impact in the community?
Using sound data and input from our donors and partners, Black River United Way is strategically focusing on ways our community can come together to address its greatest needs and show long-term progress. This community impact model puts our focus on what the community needs and works to align the resources we have on common goals. Meanwhile we continue to ensure our residents know about and use 2-1-1, Dolly Parton Imagination Library and VISTA along with the multiple of resources throughout our community.

What if I can’t afford to give?
You can’t afford not to. You never know if you or your family may need the services provided by the work of the United Way or one of the agencies it funds. By giving a small amount each pay period through payroll deduction, you can afford to contribute. A small contribution is combined with hundreds of other gifts to make a bigger impact gift—one that will make life altering differences.

How much of my donation stays in our community?
99% of your donation stays in our community. While United Way Worldwide is an international organization, the Black River United Way is one of about 1600 affiliates each run and managed by their own volunteer board and staff. 99 cents of every dollar you give makes an impact in the lives of people in Georgetown and Williamsburg County.

Why give to Black River United Way when I can give directly to the agencies that receive United Way funds?
A gift to United Way is the best way to help the most people. Because United Way partners with agencies, schools, businesses, and leaders in our community, we have greater ability to achieve collective impact in our communities, rather than focus only on the isolated needs of an individual organization. We have researched the impact and effectiveness of the agencies’ programs for you, and provide oversight so that you are ensured your gifts are being used for the greatest good in the areas of our community that need it the most for lasting change.